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Friday, May 1, 2009

windows xp won't boot after windows 7 install

I had installed Windows XP on a partition,then Windows & on other partition created newly.But the XP is no longer bootable,and in Windows 7 I can't find Windows XP partition.It is not visible.Do you have the best solution?

If Windows XP Does Not Show in Windows 7
The problem is that under "Computer" Windows XP partition isn't showing up in Windows Explorer.
You should give your XP installation a drive.First,click the Windows 7 start button to select "All Programs" → "Administrative Tools" → "Computer Management".Left click on "Disk Management." with loads.Click the Windows XP partition and select "Change Drive Letter and Paths...".You should give the XP partition a higher drive letter which is not already used.Such as K: or H:.
After computer reboot,the XP partition will be visible in Windows 7.

If the Windows XP does not appear in the start-up boot menu
Click the Windows 7 start button to select " All Programs → Accessories→Command prompt" .
with select "Run as administrator.".Then type
into the window by itself to find out what the boot configuration file currently contains.
Now start to add the XP partition to the boot menu
1. Start by creating the new entry for XP with

bcdedit /create {ntldr} /d "Windows XP"

2.set Windows XP partition to active by

bcdedit /set {ntldr} device partition=D:

3.Enter these commands to finish it up.

bcdedit /set {ntldr} path \ntldr
bcdedit /displayorder {ntldr} /addlast

If it is successful,windows xp will boot after windows 7 install.It's great.

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