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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Test PC

Windows 7 RC has been released on 5 May.Recently, Microsoft also released the official software which can detect users running Windows 7 on your computer.It is "Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor".
There's a quick way to do a simple check by Upgrade Advisor.

Its installation files is only 6.26MB.But only your PC has installed the latest version .NET framework first.Otherwise you must have download the files including Net Framework 2.0 .Its size is 22.4 MB.

Now double-click the installation file, click Next, choose to accept the agreement.
WHen you install it.You'd bettle pay attention to Select the installation folder where installing Windows 7,.
The "Disk Cost" option can view the hard disk has been used.Finally, click OK to complete the installation.

Download Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor beta here:

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