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Friday, May 8, 2009

Windows 7 Faster Than Vista in Speed Test?

Many reviewers in the internet have said that windows 7 seems peppier than Vista early. Such as that Windows 7 is much faster than vista.But According to the speed test between them by the PC World website,Windows 7 run much slower then windows vista.This is unexpected for us.
They used three PCs(two desktop computer and one laptop) in the testing.The model of desktops are a Maingear M4A79T Deluxe and an HP Pavillion a6710t.The model of laptop is a Dell Studio XPS 16.
They loaded the Windows 7 RC on three PCs.Then the same three systems running Windows Vista.
By comparing, the process speed of Windows7 RC was only slightly faster than Vista,but performance is less than 5%.while ordinary users using, can not feel a significant change.
The testing included 10 common applications, such as Microsoft Office, Firefox and Photoshop etc.Any improvements to Windows 7's disk support will be more noticeable in an application like Nero, which uses the hard drive heavily.
Now are you ready for installing and running windows 7?

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  1. Long live windows xp
    i dont have any problem with windows xp so why change???