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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Change Windows XP/vista Logon welcome screen Wallpaper

when you power up your Windows XP/vista computer,you will see the Windows XP/vista welcome screen probably.Are you want to use windows 7 Logon Wallpaper instead of XP/vista's?I talk you how to Change it.

First you should download the windows 7 Logon image or picture as long as it is a .jpg or .bmp

Second,Adding the windows 7 Logon Wallpaper.To do this follow the directions below:

1) Click on "star menu"-->"run".Type in "regedit",and press Enter to open the registry editor.

2) And you Navigate to:

HKEY USERS\ .DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop

3) On the right side Find the wallpaper value and double click
Then type in the full path of the image.Such as "C:\WINDOWS\System32\win7logon.jpg"

4) set "TileWallPaper" value to 1.Also set "WallPaperStyle" to 2.

5) Close all the things.

The next time you reboot your computer, the changes will take place.

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