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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Get windows 7 product key free

Microsoft has provided Windows 7 application serial number.No longer need to use crack patch to activate your Windows 7 Beta used in August 2009. The methods how-to Get windows 7 product key for free is here:

1.Open the URL Link follow.Note that you need to use Internet Explorer:

2. In the "Get the download" choose Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit to download.

3. Use your Windows Live ID (MSN account) landing, and fill out some information

4. Now You can get windows 7 product key.It is free for everyone.

XP Mode in windows 7

Windows 7 RC1 has XP Mode which runs programs that work not in Vista but in XP's hands-on.
It can help small businesses move to Windows 7 easily. So don't worried about that XP application will require some changes.
There are two key elements in the core of XP Mode: Windows Virtual PC engine and Windows XP Service Pack 3 licensed.
Although they are not included in the Windows 7 version of the retail box. The purchase of Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise or Windows 7 Ultimate versions, will be offered a free download XP Mode.

AutoRun removied in Windows 7

Microsoft announced that AutoRun will be canceled in Windows in the feature, which has always been to provide opportunities for malicious attacks. As we know,During AutoPlay, the Autorun.inf file from the media is parsed.

Now AutoRun changes in Windows 7,In order to help prevent malware from spreading (such as Conficker) using the AutoRun mechanism.

However, this change applies only to removable drives.And CD and DVD and other video media player still can run.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Zend Server does not support windows 7 beta?

After I tried to install under 64 bit version,I can not find any service pack in Windows 7 now.And I have fully updated everything...Now I must use Zend Server.Will be Windows 7 supported?It's a Windows 7 Problems!

Windows 7 Beta will be GA-ed probably around October 2009 time frame currently.In one of the next Zend Server updates Windows 7 will be supported.Though as Windows 7 gets closer to GA most likely it will be supported.

But I'm sorry to talk you that I do not have an exact date yet.

Microsoft cuts UAC prompts in Windows 7

User Account Control (UAC) is a security infrastructure introduced such as install software or modify key settings with Windows operating system.
Now Microsoft expect a 29% decrease in UAC prompts in Windows 7 compared to Windows Vista.

Create Native Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) in Windows 7

You can native boot from a virtual hard disk without a hypervisor in Windows 7.

1.Right Click on My Computer and Click 'Manage'.Computer Management will open up,then click on Disk Management on the left.
2.Right Click on Disk Management.And select 'Create VHD' in the menu.new windows 'Create and Attach Virtual Hard Disk' will be opened.
3.Make sure you have sufficient free space,choose dynamically expanding VHD format for the purpose..Click on OK
4. This step is initializing the disk.
Right Click on Disk 1 (Blue icon) and click on 'Initialize' which open a new window 'Initialize Disk.'
Select the partition and click on 'OK'.
5.When you see its status is changed to Online. Right Click on the 'Unallocated' area and select 'New Simple Volume' to launch 'New Simple Volume Wizard.'
After that click on next and specify size, we will keep the default NTFS File System and select the complete size i.e. 20 GB and click on 'Next' to specify drive letter. I will select Drive Letter 'X:' and click on 'Next'
6.On the next page we will select Label for the drive and click on 'Next.'
Click on 'Finish' to continue.

Now we have successfully created a new Virtual Hard Disk.

I can not connect to the internet in windows 7?

After installed windows 7 beta build and belkin wireless adapter,I can't access the internet.When i choose network with typing in the networks security key,Dialogue say windows could not connect to the network. How can I do?

Was your wireless adapter working?You can go to device manager under computer control panel.Or the driver is not installed in windows 7.Install the driver and you're good to go.

Useful Shell command accessing folders in windows 7

You can use the Shell command by accessing the Windows Explorer.

There are Useful Lists of All Windows 7 Shell Commands which to open special folders directly from the start menu or run dialog window.note that the commands only use in windows 7.

shell:User Pinned
shell:Device Metadata Store

AMD Overdrive 3.0 with Microsoft Windows 7 support

Are you a AMD Users.Now you can use AMD Overdrive in Windows 7 successfully!
Download AMD OverDrive 3.0 here.

What AMD Overdrive can do as fllows:
Overclocking* made easy
Insight to monitor your system settings
Take command of performance
Advanced stability tests to ensure your PC runs smoothly

Windows 7 64bit support 192 GB of RAM

When Windows 7 RC Revealed,all 32-bit versions of Windows 7 can support 4 GB of RAM,But if you install the 64-bit versions,in Professional or Enterprise,you can add up to 192 GB,and in Home Basic and Starter with 8 GB,16 GB in Home Premium.Words can hardly describe how excited we were.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Download Internet Explorer 8 update for Windows 7

On the Windows 7 Beta operating system,Internet Explorer installed Adobe Flash Player 10 may become unresponsive, or if you try to print an Adobe PDF document,the Print dialog box will be unusable.You'd bettle to update Internet Explorer 8.The update can fix the issues what I write.
You can choose the Start menu and go to All Programs, Windows Update,in order to update your Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7.
You can go to the Microsoft Support website for the update here.

What is the minimum requirements for windows 7 32 bit?

I want to ask the question:If i install windows 7 for 32 bit,what is its minimum requirements.Now I has an old computer running windows vista.

That is no the final windwos 7 releasing now.It's noly the windows 7 beta.On the wikipedia site you can get the Hardware requirements for windows 7:

Processor speed:800 MHz (32-bit);
HDD free space:18 GB
Memory (RAM):512 MB
Graphics card:DirectX 9.0 capable
Graphics memory:32 MB (No Windows Aero)
Other drives:DVD-ROM

I think it's very useful for you.Windows 7 are much the same as those for premium editions of Vista.

How to install Ubuntu on Windows 7 beta?

On my laptop I have runned windows 7 beta.Because I need to do work in ubuntu,I want to install ubuntu on windwos 7.But I can not find the way how to install ubuntu.

This is what you are searching for answers.I tell you that do not install Ubuntu on Windows 7 necessarily.
If you have two primary partitions,on partition A install Windows 7 and on Partition B install Ubuntu.So you run them along side each other.

If you can't boot Windows 7 after installing Ubuntu.Please Follow these steps below in ubuntu:
Choose Applications > Accessories > Terminal
then enter the command:
sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst
This command help you open menu.lst file like Notepad,and you add these lines at the end(note if you have Windows installed in C):

title windows 7 (Loader)
root (hd0,0)
chainloader +1

and save the file by using the command " :wq ".

If you have any question for help,please visit ubuntu forums.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Windows 7 Professional screenshots

There is the screenshots of the Professional edition of Windows 7 build 7068.
There is one significant change: the way in which AV applications report their status to Action Center has apparently changed in this build.

How to disabling nvidia powermizer in Windows 7?

First i has an Nvidia card right.I has disabled nvidia PowerMizer for Vista with registry instructions before.Now My computer has install Windows 7 BETA build 7000,and I am experiencing windows Aero performance issues.But it is a few things from Windows 7.I can't disabled PowerMizer in Windows 7.If you have done successfully,please tell me hot to do?

As for me,I am using driver version 179.28 beta with a GeForce 8600m GT. But I haven't had issues with Aero and PowerMizer.In my mind,Try changing Nvidia driver versions.It makes a difference and maybe disable in windows 7.

By the way,Powermizer will only detect ac/battery when the Nvidia driver service is started.
You can download the drivers here.

How to download drivers for Windows 7 Beta?

My computer is Dell Dim4600.I has just installed Windows 7 Beta and runned. But I don't know hot to
install drivers for it.Also where I can download the drivers for Windows 7?
Does anybody know?Please and Thank you.

Your best bet is to go to the microsoft's websites.Here is http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7/
You can find if they offer drivers for Windows 7. If not, try looking for Vista drivers as they should work just fine in windows 7.

How to run windows 7 from a usb drive?

I have just downloaded the windows 7 beta iso.I don't want to install windows 7 on my computer and really like to run it from my 8G usb drive.Can you help me?
Should I copy the windows 7 iso into USB, and choose the bios by booting usb drive?Then reboot the computer.But it is usefulless.Please help! =]

What do you think of Windows 7?

If you have been fortunate enough to try Windows 7 Operating System. What do you think?

Is windows 7 better than XP? Better than Vista?
How is the driver model? Can it run on Quad Core machines?

Windows 7 is looking to be very impressive.And Vista drivers will work for Windows 7.
It's designed to be able to run on laptops so it's very efficient. It's better than Vista (which is already better than XP).

How to transparent the taskbar in Windows 7?

Recently I has installed windows 7 beta Build 7057.But i can't use transparent taskbar which look like in windows vista.Can you help me to change the Minimize, Maximize,Close buttons to became

In my mind,transparent the taskbar in Windows vista by using windows aero.If you don't have enough graphics memory, it isn't support.You'd better use vista drivers for your graphics card and download the drivers needed to update.

How much Money will Windows 7 cost?

I have runned windows Vista for 64 bit.And i want to upgrade to Windows 7,because Vista is horrible.How much Money will Windows 7 upgrade from Vista cost?And Many people will get a free upgrade since July and January ?Or if you already have one, will you be able to get the free upgrade?

Now I have the beta for windows 7. windows 7 can run on a much lower end computer in its ability .Vista isn't actually all bad,while windows 7 have the biggest change.Also you check here to view the price listed for updates when they are posted:

Should i update from Vista now to Windows 7?

2 years ago I have installed windows Vista.And it's no problems for me to use it really.vista is very good.But now MS has released windows 7,Should I continue using vista,or update to Windows 7?Because I really has nothing about computers, i don't know What will happen to Windows Vista now and Windows 7?

Windows 7 isn't released yet, only in the beta stage,it means you will still be able to use Windows Vista,... even then, windows will still support, and update users with vista for a long time. windows xp users still get updates and support like normal until 2014.. so i think vista will definitely reach into the 2020's at least.

so you can still use windows vista .Nothing will happen.

How to Back Up vista Before Installing Windows 7 Beta?

Now I'm running vista .I want to upgrade to windows 7 beta, but how to complete save my computer as is, before windows 7 beta is flawed.

So, I want to have a back up of programs docs basically everything in case i need to revert to vista.

First don't install windows 7 beta OS system, if you don't know how to backup your system and files.If need,in my option the best and fastest way is to ghost it,to make an image of it on your HD.

Also you can install the new windows 7 into the new partition and then boot windows 7 and windows vista.It's better than install windows 7 only.so you don't need to backup data.

Friday, April 24, 2009

When is windows 7 become available for installation?

I have a 3 year old PC, and I was hoping to get a new computer for graduation in june. Will windows 7 be out by then?NOT the windows 7 BETA.

First,there are many problems and bugs found on the Windows 7 beta.The windows 7 Beta program will run through Aug. 1, 2009 and maybe probably be out next year.there is no point in installing windows vista since the Windows 7 release date.
Note :You can upgrade starting from Windows Vista Home Premium while Vista Home Basic can't.

Why I burn windows 7 to more than one disk?

I has a question to ask you.I am downloading windows 7 in parts from megaupload and I have more than one cd. I have 10 cd-rs and I want to know if I can boot windows 7 in parts?

Notice that The ISO you got must be a DVD format only which Windows 7 is distributed as,so you require a DVD writer and DVD.
If you have not downloaded the ISO,here’s the link to the Windows 7 Beta installation page:
then you can burn that onto a disc and then go to the microsoft site to Get a key for the windows 7 Beta product.

what happens after windows 7 beta expires?

Question:After the windows 7 beta expires, what happens to my computer?Can it to go right back to vista?
Right now I have windows vista. I am planning on downloading the windows 7 beta.
If it doesn't go back to vista, then what am I supposed to do without the vista disk.

I would be very cautious that.
The windows 7 beta will stop working on August 1, 2009.When the licence expires, the computer will lock you out.
To continue using your PC, please be prepared to reinstall Windows vista or release of Windows 7 before August 1.
Note that You can't be able to upgrade from the Beta to the final version of Windows 7.

First Make a backup image of your entire hard drive before installing Windows 7.
Then please don't Install windows 7 beta on your main computer. using your Virtual PC or a testing PC.

How to uninstall Windows 7 then install Vista?

After installed Windows 7,the computer always get a blue screen of death .and I want it to stop by putting windows vista back on it.with the help of 2-3 Vista cds,I just gotta know the way how to uninstall Windows 7 and then install vista again.
Please help me and tell me on a step by step process.Thanks very much.
1.By changing some BIOS settings,make sure your computer can boot from CD.

Put the vista disc in computer.Then reboot it.
while Vista start to install,choose a partition to install on your computer.
Remove the already existing partitions to get rid of Windows 7 on your computer. Choose to install Vista on a new partition.Rest is pretty straightforward.

2.You need to download drivers for the hardware in your computer when installing vista.
If the computer was purchased from a manufacturer, then the drivers should be available for free on their website.
Note:Make sure you backup any data you want saved from Windows 7 though, because once you delete the partition it is on.