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Friday, April 24, 2009

How to uninstall Windows 7 then install Vista?

After installed Windows 7,the computer always get a blue screen of death .and I want it to stop by putting windows vista back on it.with the help of 2-3 Vista cds,I just gotta know the way how to uninstall Windows 7 and then install vista again.
Please help me and tell me on a step by step process.Thanks very much.
1.By changing some BIOS settings,make sure your computer can boot from CD.

Put the vista disc in computer.Then reboot it.
while Vista start to install,choose a partition to install on your computer.
Remove the already existing partitions to get rid of Windows 7 on your computer. Choose to install Vista on a new partition.Rest is pretty straightforward.

2.You need to download drivers for the hardware in your computer when installing vista.
If the computer was purchased from a manufacturer, then the drivers should be available for free on their website.
Note:Make sure you backup any data you want saved from Windows 7 though, because once you delete the partition it is on.

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