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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Apple iPad Fail and Windows 7 Success

Apple finally released Apple iPad. It's a great product. But in my mind, the iPad will fail and the sales of Windows 7 still success.

Why? The Apple iPad is just a big iPod Touch. Or we can call it a large mobile and hard to hand on. iPad lacks a 16:9 screen and doesn't has a standard keyboard. You do just one things at the same time in iPad.
Also, it’s much expensive that a starting price of the iPad is $500. We can buy better laptops for the same price.

And Windows 7 has its multi-touch facilities, so the XP or Vista laptop owners can upgrade to a tablet easily with Windows 7. Thousands of people would like to buy a laptop running Windows 7.
Windows 7 will help people use computer easily, help boost the hardware and create jobs.

Now what do you think of iPad and Windows 7?

Monday, January 25, 2010

How to open a port in Windows 7 firewall

If you want to create a control connections for a TCP or UDP port by windows 7 firewall, here is how to open ports step by step:

* Click start button --> Control Panel --> System and Security Link --> Windows Firewall --> Advanced Settings.

* In the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security Window, On the left click Inboun Rules --> On the right click New Rule link.

* On the New Inbound Rule Wizard, mark Port --> click Next --> type the ports you need to open.

For example, to open the TCP ports 21 and 80 , mark TCP and type 21,80 in the Specific local ports

* click Next --> Choose "Allow the connection" or "Allow the connection if it is secure" --> click Next --> Check or Uncheck the network type: Domain, Private, Public --> click Next --> Type a name and its description(optional) --> Click Finish.

Now the new rule takes effect immediately.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Google sidewiki disable in Internet Explorer 8

Today I find a Sidewiki is currently available in Internet Explorer 8. I had installed Google Toolbar in Windows 7. Because I don't want to use the feature, try to disable google sidewiki by the following steps:

Open your Internet Explorer --> Click the Google Toolbar's wrench icon to adjust the options --> deselect the 'Sidewiki' checkbox on the Tools tab -->
Click Save --> Now you have remove google sidewiki.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Remove This copy of windows is not genuine

After I restarted my computer, I got the following text in the bottom of the screen in windows 7 7022 beta:

this copy of windows is not genuine

Lots of windows users should face the common problem these days, because you don’t have the legit copy of windows 7. Each time you logged in windows 7, the message would show in the image above appears.

How to resolve this issue
How To Remove Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage

I suggest you buy an upgrade before expiration. You can buy it from the MS store, such as Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade costs $120.00.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

windows media player cannot play dvd video on windows 7

When I use Windows Media Player to play a DVD video on windows 7, there is no video on dvd playback or PC gets the message “Cannot play DVD video.".

There are some possible reasons:

1. The video card driver is out-of-date.
Go to download the last driver and install it.

2. Your PC without a compatible DVD decoder.

3. Your computer hardware is not powerful enough to play DVDs.
Update your hardware.

Touch Screen drivers for windows 7

If Windows 7 does not recognize the touchscreen, you need to install a touch screen driver for windows 7.

The driver is compatible with following Products:

NEC: ValueStar W
Sony: VAIO L Series
NextWindow: 1900, 2150*, 2700
Dell: Studio One 19, SX2210T Monitor
HP: TouchSmart IQ500, IQ800, DX9000, 300, 600, 9100 Series

Download Windows 7 Touch Screen Driver

Sound Recorder - record audio

How to open Sound Recorder in Windows 7?

Click Start button --> All programs --> Accessories --> Sound Recorder

TO Start Recording, make sure your system have installed Windows Media Player Plugin(Download Windows Media Player Plugin for Sound Recorder), and also computer have a sound card and microphone.

* Click "Start Recording" to start.
* To finish Recording, click "Stop Recording" button and save it as a .wma audio file.

Windows Mobility Center - adjust laptop settings

Windows Mobility Center in Windows 7 is a very useful tool. You can easily adjust all the settings related to your laptop or Tablet PC. Several options and settings which you can customize include Brightness, Volume, Battery Status, Wireless Network, Screen Rotation, External Display, Sync Center setting.

How to Open Windows 7 Mobility Center

The Mobility Center .exe file is located at C:\Windows\System32\mblctr.exe

Click the Start Menu --> type mblctr.exe in the box --> press Enter --> then open it quickly to Click an icon to open options for the setting.
Or you can also use the Windows key + X key to open.

Notes: Windows Mobility Center is only available on laptops.

If you find the wireless connection icon is gone in Windows Mobility Center, your wireless card might be disabled. In the case enable it. Or the driver is missing.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Fix Spooler SubSystem App has stopped working

After I have installed windows 7, my computer get the following message on each startup time:

Spooler subsystem app has encountered a problem and needs to close
Spooler SubSystem App has stopped working

I think that maybe you need to update your Windows 7 version. Because the problem seems to be resolved since updated to 7048 version.

Or you can try to fix the error by this way:

1. Click the start button --> Control Panel --> programs and features --> windows features.
2. Then find the "Printing and Document Services" in windows features. Untick "Windows Fax and Scan" and "Internet Printing client".
3. Click the OK button to apply and reboot your PC.
4. When login the Windows, system will find the printer and install the priter driver.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get Windows Update Error 800B0100

If you get Error codes as following:

WindowsUpdate_800B0100 or 0x800B0100

Try this:

1.Click start Button --> Control Panel --> System and Security --> System, To View basic information of your computer: such as my Windows edition is " Windows 7 Ultimate"

2..Go to the System Update Readiness Tool webpage:

Download System Update Readiness Tool for Windows 7
The tool can prevent you from installing Windows 7 updates.

Its installation is: C:\Windows\Logs\CBS and recording file calls CheckSUR.log.

3.Run Windows Update again.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to open the .eml file

The .eml files are attached to emails. But there is no a program to open the file in Windows 7. How can I open the .eml file?

First you need to install a email client program in Windows 7, such as Windows Live Mail. By default Win7 don't have a email client program installed.

Download the Windows Live here. Once have installed it, you need to made it as the default program first.

If you use Windows Outlook, try a simple way:
Open the Outlook program --> select the Drafts tab --> drag your .eml files into the Drafts area --> now you can view the .eml file.

Download HP Photosmart P1000 Printer Driver

Several years ago I had bought a HP Photosmart P1000 printer. It works fine in Windows Xp after I installed the latest drivers for windows XP x32.
But now my computer has upgraded from Windows xp to Windows 7. I find the driver is only available in Windows Vista from HP's website and there is not HP Photosmart P1000 driver for Windows 7.

Because I am not ready to scrap the HP priter, I try it:

In the Windows 7, add printer by printer' wizard and select Windows Update. Then an additional list of printers will be returned. Select the 930c printer to get a response back from Windows update. It may take 10 minutes to download the driver.

Now my HP Photosmart printer works out.

Malicious Software Removal Tool

Being a post-infection removal tool, the Malicious Software Removal Tool can detect malicious software on Windows 7, but is not a replacement for an antivirus program.

The tool file is located at C:\Windows\System32\mrt.exe. Its scan log is located at: C:\Windows\Debug\mrt.log and event log is located at: C:\Windows\Debug\mrteng.log.

You can click the start menu --> type the mrt.exe in the box --> Press Enter to run it.

When the Malicious Software Removal Tool window opened, Click the Next button. Then choose a type of scan: Quick scan, Full scan, Customized scan.
After click the Next button, it will start a scan. As scan finished, a scan results will be created.

How to Run the "Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool" in the Command Prompt:

type mrt.exe /F:Y - scan full scan, but automatically clean infected files.
type mrt.exe /F - force fullscan.
type mrt.exe /N - detect-only mode
type mrt.exe /? or mrt.exe /? - help displys usage information
type mrt.exe /Q or mrt.exe /quiet - quiet mod; if set, no UI is shown

Notes: you need to install Windows Update KB890830 first.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Map network drive in windows 7

Sometimes we can easier access shared network folder by map a Network Drive in Windows 7. Here is how to map a Network Drive and make sure your computer is connected to your network.

* First Double-click the Computer icon in the desktop.
* After the Window opened, you can find the Map network drive button in the toolbar. Click on it.
* Then specify the drive letter for the connection and the folder that you want to connect to. Such as:

Drive: Z:
Folder: \\\share

Notes: If you want that it is always available in the Computer window, check the "Reconnect at logon" box.
If you need to login every time to access the Network Drive with a different user name and password, check the "Connect using different credentials" box.

Now check the finish button to apply. The network drive of the shared folder is mapped by yourself.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cheap laptops with windows 7

Windows 7 is a great operating system. And many people want to buy Cheap laptops and netbooks with windows 7. I search at Best Buy site and get useful informations about laptops with lower price.

Acer – Aspire Laptop with AMD Athlon™ Single-Core Processor costs $329.

Toshiba – Satellite Laptop with Intel® Celeron® Processor– Silver costs $349.

Asus 10.1" Netbook 1 GB RAM 250GB HD 6-Cell &Software Suite. Its introductory Price is

HP 15.6″ Pavilion G60-519WM Entertainment Laptop PC with Intel Celeron Processor 900 & Windows 7 Home Premium costs $298。

Msi U135-205us Wind10 N450 1.66g 1gb 250gb Wifi W7 Black 6cell costs $356.99.

Sony VAIO VPCW121AX/P Intel Atom N280 1.66GHz Netbook - Pink costs $449.99 to $514.99.

windows 7 headphones not working

I have an HP laptop with two headphone jacks. But I found in windows 7 headphones not working.

How to fix Headphones don't work in Windows 7

For Realtek HD integrated sound:
* Go to the sound manager --> disable your front panel detction.
* Also Upgrade to the last sound drivers.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mac BootCamp supports for Windows 7

Apple has released a new version of BootCamp software. It supports for Microsoft Windows 7 perfectly. At the same time, Apple also announced the 2010 security update which fixes 12 issues.

The 3.1 version of BootCamp software supports for Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit. It includes Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate, and has built-in Apple wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse support.

iMac Late 2009 for Windows 7 Drivers package has also been released by Apple.
You can download the update here. iMac Late 2009 Windows 7 Drivers

Boot Camp Utility for Windows 7 Upgrade Software is used to safely dispose of read-only Macintosh partition.

In addition, you can download others Apple Mac OS X update.
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard update (21.90MB) Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Server update (248.11MB)
Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Client update (159.58MB)

pppoe error 651 in Windows 7

In Windows XP or Windows Vista computer, I try to connect to the internet by using the PPPoE connections, it work just fine. But the PPPoE Connection doesn't work in Windows 7, it get the following error:

Error 651: The Modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error.

I Find the Microsoft Virtual pc 2007 by searching tool on my computer. Then uninstalled MS Virtual PC 2007 and did a reboot… Then the problem solved!

Others try to rename the raspppoe.sys file in the c:\windows\system32\drivers folder to something like “raspppoe_orig.sys” copying a working file from a Windows Vista. But it didn’t work.

Windows 7 password reset

Do you have forgotten Windows 7 login password? If it happens, you need to reset Windows 7 Password with your password recovery disk.

How to make windows 7 password reset?

* First you should have a Recovery Disk since you forget windows 7 password.

Click the Start button --> type Backup in the search box --> Click "Backup and Restore" --> click "Create a system repair disc" link in the left of the window --> Use a USB flash, a floppy disk or a CD/DVD and click Create disk button --> Waiting for a moment, then a Recovery Disk will be created.

* Reset your windows 7 password.

Start your computer --> On the Windows 7 Welcome screen, type a blank password in the password box and click on the Go button --> After the Windows 7 provide the password is incorrect, click OK button to come back to the Welcome screen --> click on the Reset password link --> click on Next in the Password Reset wizard --> click on the Insert the Password Reset Disk and choose the drive you want to use --> and also inster your password reset disk --> click Next --> Enter a new password for your account in Windows 7 --> click Next and then Click on Finish.

Now you can use your new windows 7 password to login.

Windows 7 scan and fax pdf

Fax & scan is available in the Windows 7 Ultimate.

1.How to scan a document or photo with Windows fax and scan

* Go to Start --> type "Windows fax and scan" in the search box --> preess Enter.
* On the left sidebar of the window, select Scan button --> click New Scan --> Select the profile: a photo or a document, and also select the color format, file type, and the resolution(DPI) --> click Scan --> wait, then it completes.

2.The feature that windows 7 scan and fax convert to pdf is not embedded in Windows 7, but you can use any third party software. For me, I use a free Scan To PDF Software named Scan To PDF(STP v1.00). The tool can scan multiple pages documents and convert them to PDF files. Also it can mix JPEG images with scanned documents.

3.When I use canon lide scanner scans documents with many pages by Windows 7 scan and fax, it can't scan a multi page document.

How to fix the ISSUE? Update driver software.

Right click the Computer on the desktop --> choose Device Manager --> in the
device list find out your scaner device --> right click it and select Update Driver Software --> Search automatically for updated driver software. --> Windows 7 will directly provided by hardware manufacturers via the Windows Update site --> Then install it with "Run as administrator".

With fax and scan, now I can scan the docs into Acrobat as a multi page pdf , then fax the pdf file easily.

solved windows 7 gadgets not working

Windows 7 Sidebar & Gadgets is very useful for us. But sometimes windows 7 gadgets not working. This maybe cause by disable UAC.

How to fix windows 7 gadgets (Including Windows 7 X64 bit):

Click the Start button --> type regedit in the search box and press Enter --> in the registry editor, navigate to following registry key:


Then in right pan of the editor, right-click to create A New 32 Bit Value DWORD and named “AllowElevatedProcess” with set value as “1”.

The gadgets will work properly. Now I rightclick anywhere on desktop and select gadgets. Add something and put them on desktop.

You'll need to provide administrator permission to copy this file

While I was saving a files downloaded from internet, I got this error message "You'll need to provide administrator permission to copy this file" in Windows 7. When I was copying some files from my external HD, "you'll need to provide administrator permission to move to this folder" appeared. And I deleted an AVI file created with CamStudio, computer says "You'll need to provide administrator permission to delete this file" with the choices "Continue", "Skip", and "Cancel". After I choose "Continue", the Windows 7 system OS gives me others following message :

"File Access Denied"
"You need permission to perform this action"
"You require permission from the computer's administrator to make changes to this file"

Can anyone help me to solve these?

Try it:

Right click on the folder you want to delete or copy to ( or the drive in "my computer")--> Under the security tab choose "edit" --> Go to the "Users (***/users) where the * are the name of your login --> Tick the box which says "full control".

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fix windows 7 missing hard drive space

My computer run Windows Xp. But after installing windows 7 in dual boot, I found the hard drive partition of windows XP is missing. How to fix it? Show up hard drive in windows 7.

1. Click start button --> type diskmgmt.msc in the search box --> press Enter to open the Disk Management.
2. Now select Drive without any drive letter in the interface --> Right Click --> Select “Change Drive Letter and Paths”
3. "Add button in the next menu" --> Choosing "Assign the following drive letter" --> pick a drive letter, such as "k" --> Click ok.

Now you can find the missing drive of windows XP or Vista.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Windows 7 drive clone

If you need to Backup Windows 7 System and Hard Drive, try the EASEUS Backup Freeware.

The New Version of EASEUS Todo Backup is free software for both home and business users. It supports nearly all major Microsoft Windows systems, like Windows 2000 professional/XP/Vista/Windows 7 and Windows Server 2000/2003/2008. It can back up whole PC, including the operating system plus your data, applications, settings and everything!

For more information about this free backup software, please go to vist the site: www.todo-backup.com.

Virtual Clone Drive mount iso image in Windows 7

If you can not mount iso image in Windows 7, try the utility called Virtual Clone Drive. Virtual CloneDrive can work just like a physical CD/DVD drive and mount .ISO, .DVD, .IMG, .UDF .CCD and .BIN files. Notes that it work on Windows 7 32bit and 64 bit edition.

After finished its installation, you need to restart your computer. Now you can double-clicking on any ISO image file to mount, or right click the Virtusl cd-rom drive to mount an iso image.

usb device not recognized in windows 7

When the USB device such as a USB keyboard is connect with my computer, I get a fllowing error message:

USB Device Not Recognized
One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it.
For assistance in soling this prolem, click this message.

But I find that my computer's USB ports works fine. I installed windows 7 and they were working fine.
Then I uninstall the drivers for my devices and reinstall them. The USB doesn't work. I open the Device Manager Window and see all of the devices under USB Controllers there. Uninstall them and restart the computer. After reinstall the USB drivers, the problem is still.

How to fix USB device not recognized in Windows 7 system? It's simply to solve it. You just unplug your computer from the power supply.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Windows 7 sp1 download in January 2010

Bacause Windows 7 performed well after the release of Windows 7, Microsoft has most of the energy transferred to the development of Windows 7 sp1. When is windows 7 sp1 release date? The Windows 7 SP1 beta will be released in January 2010. Windows 7 SP1's RTM final version will be completed in November 2010.

Microsoft plans to launch the development of Windows 7 SP2 in October 2010.

Windows 7 SP1 will be included Windows 7 all update patches which has been officially released since October 2009, and will add some features based on user feedback. Windows 7 SP1 will perfect the Bluetooth and WiFi functions, adding support for USB 3.0.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Flv player to Enable WMP to play FLV files

The sharing video on the internet sites, such as Google Video, YouTube, MetaCafe, can download as the flv file format. But how can I Play .FLV Files in Windows Media Player in Windows 7 by simply?

I find a windows 7 flv player which call PlayFLV. And PlayFLV is free and open source. With lightweight PlayFLV Plugin, you can enable Windows Media Player to playback FLV files easily. After installtion, just double-click the FLV file and you can view them in Windows Media Player. So you with no extra player apps in Windows 7.

Download PlayFLV

Update: I've use Real Player to play FLV files in Win7 for a long time. It works great.
And instead of Real Player, I try VLC Player and also works well.