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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Remove This copy of windows is not genuine

After I restarted my computer, I got the following text in the bottom of the screen in windows 7 7022 beta:

this copy of windows is not genuine

Lots of windows users should face the common problem these days, because you don’t have the legit copy of windows 7. Each time you logged in windows 7, the message would show in the image above appears.

How to resolve this issue
How To Remove Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage

I suggest you buy an upgrade before expiration. You can buy it from the MS store, such as Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade costs $120.00.


  1. haaaaaaaaaaa ?? we need a solution without paying MONEY !!

  2. Load the control panel and open up Programs and Features, then click on View installed updates
    Scroll down to the Microsoft Windows section, and locate KB971033. If it is installed, select it, right-click and then click on Uninstall. Reboot your system.
    If you’ve used any previous Windows 7 Activation cracks, then download and run WAT Fix. [If you've not previously loaded an activator you can skip this step] This will restore Windows 7′s activation files and settings to their original defaults that way Windows Loader has a standard setting/file set to work from (instead of trying to crack files that have been already modified in unknown ways by other activation cracks). WAT Fix will scan the system and restore any modified files, after this is completed it’ll reboot the system.
    Download and run Windows Loader. When it’s complete, reboot your system to make sure that it no longer pops up the non-genuine nag window and that your desktop doesn’t have the nag text at the bottom-right hand corner.