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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Apple iPad Fail and Windows 7 Success

Apple finally released Apple iPad. It's a great product. But in my mind, the iPad will fail and the sales of Windows 7 still success.

Why? The Apple iPad is just a big iPod Touch. Or we can call it a large mobile and hard to hand on. iPad lacks a 16:9 screen and doesn't has a standard keyboard. You do just one things at the same time in iPad.
Also, it’s much expensive that a starting price of the iPad is $500. We can buy better laptops for the same price.

And Windows 7 has its multi-touch facilities, so the XP or Vista laptop owners can upgrade to a tablet easily with Windows 7. Thousands of people would like to buy a laptop running Windows 7.
Windows 7 will help people use computer easily, help boost the hardware and create jobs.

Now what do you think of iPad and Windows 7?

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