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Saturday, April 25, 2009

How to disabling nvidia powermizer in Windows 7?

First i has an Nvidia card right.I has disabled nvidia PowerMizer for Vista with registry instructions before.Now My computer has install Windows 7 BETA build 7000,and I am experiencing windows Aero performance issues.But it is a few things from Windows 7.I can't disabled PowerMizer in Windows 7.If you have done successfully,please tell me hot to do?

As for me,I am using driver version 179.28 beta with a GeForce 8600m GT. But I haven't had issues with Aero and PowerMizer.In my mind,Try changing Nvidia driver versions.It makes a difference and maybe disable in windows 7.

By the way,Powermizer will only detect ac/battery when the Nvidia driver service is started.
You can download the drivers here.

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