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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Firefox Crashes When Closing

I had installed windows 7 beta and am running Win7 now.But when closing Firefox,I have issues that Firefox Crashes.Then it asks me to send an error report.
I remember that I had done with the option to "Ask before clearing private information" in Firefox yet. What can I do that don't let Firefox Crash?

Maybe the profile of Firefox causes.You can create a new profile as a test.It can check if your current profile is causing the problems. If that works then you can transferring data to a new_profile in Firefox.


  1. Firefox 3.5 is crashing on closing on every Win 7 machine we have (about 4 machines, all running the RTM version of Win 7--i.e. the final release). Here's to hoping Mozilla acknowledges and addresses these issues before I download Chrome...

  2. same thing is happening to me.... its really annoying... and i love firefox