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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Windows 7 Sticky Notes

After installing Windows 7 beta,I suddenly spot Windows 7 Sticky Notes application.

with Sticky Notes,you have only one size and one font available .When changing the color of the notes,it look very nice. Little script style are being used as the default font.

When opening of notes,just click on the Sticky Note taskbar icon Right now.
If you save your existing notes,the only way is that right click on the Sticky Note taskbar icon and select Close Window.

You can add rich media such as lots of pictures in Sticky Note content.

*Format Sticky Notes Text By Keyboard Commands

I think Sticky Notes will be more useful after Windows 7 released.


  1. I was surprised that there was no option to change the font size on the sticky notes. Oddly enough I have a MS keyboard with a zoom button, when I use it the font size in the notes grows or shrinks, independatly for each note. So I can adjust it to my liking.

  2. I think it was a very rushed addition/change to windows 7, but they say it'll be much more customisable in the full release.

  3. Actually, if you paste something on a sticky note from any place else, it will take on that font only on that sticky note. so really you can have ANY font you want with a little copy and paste. enjoy!

  4. You can actually change font size and more