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Friday, May 1, 2009

Windows 7100 Install Problem

I'm trying to install windows Build 7100 without a DVD burner.In the "Expanding Files" stage,it was staying at 0% forever.Do you had this issue? Is it the best way for me to re-download 7100,burn a new copy, and then try installing windows 7077?
I talk you the fastest install media in the world.
You can create a 2.5-3 GB partition, expand the iso to it,and active it and reboot the computer.The installer will create what partitions it wants in the free space.
when it expande files to get a prompt,please press shift + f10.After setup create the proper partition,use diskpart to activate it.
Or you can just expand the install.wim with imagex right onto the bare media, run bcdboot and restart.That is all right.

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