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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Security Update cause blue screen(bsod)

I had install Kaspersky in Windows 7 beta.It works fine.But when i install the latest Windows Security Update,it is blue screen of death after reboot.The error codes mean that kl1.sys file is lost(a failure on kl1.sys).
The problem is most likely that Kaspersky Anti-Virus software components caused.
At present, there is a simple solution.It's to cannal the system to start with Kaspersky.
  1. Reboot your computer and preess "F8" to Safe Mode menu.Selete Safe Mode with Network and login.
2.When you login successfully,click start -->"run"-->Type "msconfig" to open System Configuration.
3.Switch to "start" tab.And cancel Kaspersky hook in "start project".
Now,there is all right.Save and reboot your computer.

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