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Friday, June 5, 2009

DriverMax backup driver from Vista

Are you need to load drive from Windows Vista (Network, printer,Sound or Graphics cards...),after install windows 7?If you need or can't load ,you can use the DriverMax which download the latest driver updates for your computer. Also it's free program.

How to Using DriverMax for Windows 7 driver solution:

1. Download DriverMax Free program to backup driver from Windows Vista.
2. run DriverMax to Export Driver.
such as "X" folder of D:\ or E:\,not the OS installation disk.
3.Install Windows 7.
set up windows 7 and restore driver.Import Driver from "X".
please use the restore from driver max..(install it again) and then point it to that folder...it should show up then install
4. Wait a moment. That will be very helpful for you.

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