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Saturday, February 27, 2010

How to Import Pictures from Camera in Windows 7

Most digital cameras can easily transfer pictures and videos to your computer by using Windows 7’s built-in software.

How to Import Images from a Camera in Windows 7.

1. First plug your camera’s cable into one USB port in your computer. Turn on the camera and set it to display mode.

2. Windows 7 will recognize it. Waiting a few seconds. If your camera cann't be recognized by Windows 7, unplug the cable from PC and plug it back in.

3. When Windows 7 recognizes your camera, you can see the AutoPlay window. There are 2 Device options for you to select: "Import pictures and videos", "Open device to view files". You should click "the Import Pictures and Videos" option in the window and Windows 7 start to grab your camera’s pictures.

4. Now "the Import Pictures and Videos box" appears. Type a name to tag your pictures(It's optinal). Click the Import button. Windows 7 brings your camera’s photos and renames them. If you need to change how Windows 7 imports your photos, just click the Import Setting links in the bottom left corner.

5. Check the Erase After Importing box. It can help you free up your camera for more photos.

6. When finish importing photos, Windows 7 will display your new pictures's folder.

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  1. I need help on this matter. Not that I don't know how to import, but the thing is, if I want to import twice from the same device the same pictures, the computer won't allow it, saying there are no pictures detected in the device. What happened is, I imported the pictures, but then had to deleted them because I forgot to change some settings to my liking. And now, it won't allow me to import anymore. Where is the control panel to access the options for importing the pictures and recognizing the devices itself?