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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Disable searchindexer.exe in Windows 7

SearchIndexer.exe (Microsofts Windows Search Indexer) in Windows 7 is the powerful windows search, but sometimes it uses a amount of CPU Usage and may utilizes near 100% CPU usage. Looking at the Resource Monitor the process 'Searchindexer.exe' is getting High CPU. So you need to disable or Delete SearchIndexer.exe to stop Windows Enhanced Search.

How to disable searchindexer.exe in windows 7.

* Click Start Button --> Control Panel --> Programs and Features --> Turn Windows Features on or off.
* Clear the Indexing Service's chek box on the "Windows Features" window and click ok.

Now you turn off Windows Search's Index service and Windows 7 still has its simple search functionality.


  1. This is incorrect. SearchIndexer.exe still runs regularly with 'Indexing Service' unchecked.

  2. i shut mine off with task manager and it boots right back up

  3. Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services

    Double Click: Windows Search

    Set Startup type to: Disabled

    If Service is already started, select Stop.

    Select Apply/OK


  4. Thanks shanny, this seems to work but you left out a folder:

    Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools\Services